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Top Q&As: New Students/Guardians

Find answers to top questions in popular categories.

Teach, Learn & Work Remotely

Instructions and resources to enable you to teach, learn and work.

Top 5 Q&As: New Faculty and Staff

Answers to the top questions asked by new Faculty or Staff about technology on Campus.

Network IDs & Passwords

Reset or unlock a Network ID password; Enable a Network ID; Request a new Departmental Network ID; Network ID Creation and Changes.

WiFi, Network & Servers

WiFi Network Access; Network File Access; Wired Network Support; Off Campus Access Through VPN; Application Servers and Network Services Support

Email & Calendar

Faculty and Staff email; Outlook; Outlook Web App; Problems Sending or Receiving Emails; Error Messages; Scheduling Appointments; Permission Access; Problems with Attachments.

Hardware, Software & Printing

Gannon-Owned & Personal Device Support; MS Office 365 for Students; Printing; PaperCut Print Services; Computer Replacement Cycle; Work at Home Resources.

Sites, Applications & Reports

Colleague, Informer, GUXpress, Blackboard, my.gannon, Novus HR, GUGold, Astra, engageU, StarRez, database requests, etc.

Classrooms, Labs & Conference Rooms

ITS maintains and supports the technology in over 140 classrooms and 6 computer labs in Erie and Ruskin. Request support, training or a software install. Computer Lab or Classroom Support; Classroom Training Requests; Departmental Technology Support and Training; Virtual Applications


Video Conferencing with Teams; Web Conferencing; Teleconferencing; Office phones; Voicemail Service; Cell Phones and Campus TV.

Audio, Video & Lending

Equipment loans; Equipment setups; Event Space Reservations; Digital Signage/Kiosks; Duplication services.

Cyber Security & IT Governance

Phishing Email Best Practices; Spyware, Malware & Virus Removal; Antivirus Software; Data Loss or Breech; Lost or Stolen Device; Code of Conduct Policy; Wireless Device Policy.

Purchasing & Consulting

Hardware & Software Purchases; Office Moves; New Employee Technology Orientation and Setup; CETL Training and Instructional Support Information; Facilities Project Support; Technology Projects.

Articles (7)

Colleague forms and reports for Section Waitlist and Enrollment information

This article describes how to use Colleague forms and reports to monitor section enrollment and waitlists.  These forms and reports are primarily used by academic Deans, Program Chairs, Directors and their staff.

Sharing Desktop Permissions (Mac)

Instructions on how to grant permissions to share screen on Macs.