Network IDs & Passwords

Reset or unlock a Network ID password; Enable a Network ID; Request a new Departmental Network ID; Network ID Creation and Changes.

Articles (18)

Account Locked Out

Unable to log into Gannon account after entering password multiple times.

How To Enroll in Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Instructions on how to enroll in Self Service Password Reset

How to Find Your Gannon ID Number

Instructions for where to go if you do not know your Gannon ID in order to be unlocked or get password reset.

How to Reset or Change Your Password (Using Microsoft SSPR)

Instructions on how to reset or change a network password using Self Service Password Reset.

How to Sign Out of Everything M365 on all Devices

Step by step instructions on how to sign out of M365 apps/programs on all devices. These steps can be used by clients or technicians working to resolve a syncing issue with M365.

How to Update SSPR Settings

Instructions on how to update your SSPR settings

Network Password - Update or Reset

Instructions on the multiple ways you can reset or change a network password without calling in and how to sync new password to Gannon computer while off-campus.