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Create an Email Group in Microsoft 365

Groups in Microsoft 365 has been disabled. Instead of "Groups" being used, a "Contact List" should be created.

Employee Email Changes for Spam Detection

Gannon will decommission Sophos and will now be using Microsoft's service for detecting and quarantining spam and malicious emails.

Encrypting Emails

Information on encrypting emails; instructions on how encrypt emails and when to use it.

How to Check Emails Going to Quarantine

Instructions on how to check what emails Microsoft is quarantining.

How to Manage your 'Focused' and 'Other' Inbox Folders

Instructions on how to set whether you want to see your emails in the 'Focused' or 'Other' email folders and how to turn off the 'Focused' inbox.

Microsoft 365 Email Setup on Mobile Device

How to add and remove email accounts to phones and tablets

MS Outlook - Error Sharing Calendar

Instructions on how to shared Gannon calendar through the Outlook icon when getting error.

MS Outlook: Multiple Windows for Viewing Email and Calendar

Instructions on how to have two Outlook windows open to access both email and calendar at the same time.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Information on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Not Receiving Emails From Outside Gannon: Emails going to Quarantine

Instructions on settings to check if you are not getting emails from outside gannon, emails going to quarantine.

Office 365 Email Receiving and Sending Limits

Information on the limit of emails that can be sent or received in Office 365 Outlook email.

Outlook Calendly Request Error: "Need Admin Approval"

Instructions on how to set up Calendly.

Unable to Sign into Gannon Email - Error: "Login Parameter is Empty or Not Valid"

Instructions to be used by Mac users on how to resolve errors similar to  "parameter restrictions" or "Login Parameter is Empty or Not Valid" when signing into Gannon email.