Zoom Security Tips

Quick tips we, at the ITS Help Desk, recommend to our Gannon clients to ensure safety and efficiency while using Zoom.

  • Do not make meetings public
    • Adding a meeting password (Be sure to remind attendees not to share the password)
      • Setting a password for your guests to enter is a good way to increase security, but it requires you to distribute the password. The password could be shared in blackboard or some other private communication. Click here for information from Zoom on meeting and webinar passwords.
    • Using the waiting room feature
      • This feature lets you control when your participants are admitted to the meeting. Click here for more information from Zoom on using waiting rooms.
  • Do not share Zoom conference links on public social media
    • We recommend providing the link directly to the specific people in the meeting, whether by email or the chat function in Zoom. 
  • Manage screen-sharing options
    • In Zoom, we suggest changing the option for screen sharing to 'Host Only.' Click here and scroll down to the bottom section labeled "To prevent participants from screen sharing" for more information from Zoom on how to set this setting.
  • Keeping Zoom up to date
    • Click here to find out where to download the latest version of Zoom. Having trouble updating, error: "Your app version needs to be [version #] or higher to sign in/update.  Please contact your IT team to update your app", click here.

For more tips or learn more features of Zoom, click here to check out the Zoom Blog for more information under the subheader  "Manage your participants".

Helpful Links 

  • For more information on all of Zoom's capabilities, please visit Zoom.us
  • Click here for more security capabilities Zoom has directly from their website to protect your meetings, data, and privacy.


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