How to Use the Waiting Room Feature in Zoom


Step by step instructions on how to enable/use waiting room feature in Zoom.


How to use the waiting room

*****Due to security issues Zoom has made a change in regard to waiting rooms, see notice below taken directly from Zoom.

Note:  ITS has disabled this feature by default to allow everyone to read the information on using the Waiting Rooms and strongly suggests enabling this feature in settings to keep unwanted, malicious users from interrupting Zoom meetings.

"Important Notice: Based on feedback from our education community, we are giving teachers more control over their Zoom virtual classroom. Starting March 31st, the Waiting Room feature on your account will be automatically turned on by default. For more information on adjusting your Waiting Room settings click here."

  1. Enable the meeting room:
    1. Click here to go to your meeting settings
    2. Under "Meeting" tab, click on "In Meeting (Advanced)" 
    3. Scroll down and make sure "Waiting Room" is turned on
    4. It should auto save if you make any changes
      • You will get a green message, "Your settings have been updated"
  2. Use the waiting room in a meeting:
    1. Click "Manage Participants"
    2. Click "More"
      • Select  the "Put attendee in waiting room.​​​​​" option
    3. Once a participant join in, you will see the option to either "Admit or Remove" the user
      1. Select "Admit" to allow them to join the meeting.

Note: While a participant is waiting to enter the meeting, they will see the message: "Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon."


Due to attempted cyber attacks on meetings in progress, Zoom has recommended using the waiting room function as an added layer of security.





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