Using Teams in the Classroom


Teams has been installed on the PC inside the podium.

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  • The Huddly IQ webcam has been installed on the podium and is connected to the PC in the podium. If you are in a classroom that does not have a Dais Podium the webcam is attached to either a table or cart in the room. Teams will need to be installed on your laptop.

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  1. Log into the PC in the podium.
  2. Teams is on the desktop, double click to start and login with your username and password
  3. Audio - When you start your meeting you need to choose ‘join with computer audio ‘ so that the Huddly IQ webcam’s microphone is selected. You may also need to click ‘start video ‘on the bottom left side of the meeting window.
  4. Test your Setup - You should test that you can see and hear all the remote participants but then tell them to mute their audio. You can always select to mute everyone if you are hearing their audio in the room.
  5. Genius Tracking - If you start to move across the front of the field of view it will re-center you in that frame. When you walk back it will readjust to center you again. It takes a few seconds trying to determine if you will continue to move. If you are out of frame completely the Huddly will zoom all the way back out to find you. If it can’t find you it will stay zoomed out until you are back in frame. If you want to manually control the camera or lock it into one position download the Huddly app. link at the bottom of this article. 
  6. Camera Repositioning - If you need to reposition the camera to another part of the room that the Huddly webcam can’t see you can simply move the podium. If you find yourself needing to do that more often, we can add a 360-degree adjustable top to the camera mount. Then it can be loosened and re-tightened with a knob on its side.


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