Outlook Calendly Request Error: "Need Admin Approval"

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When trying to integrate Calendly into Gannon email, users are getting an error: "Need admin approval. Calendly needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it."

More Information

  • ITS is not allowing access from 3rd party applications to our M365/Outlook environment. However, there are individuals on campus who are using the application another way without needing to get permission. However, it is inconvenient because Outlook must be running for it to work correctly. It is recommended that you use another program we have with Office 365: MS Bookings. It is already approved and works similar to Calendly, but even better.
    • Note: We are not taking individual requests for Booking sites for single users. Bookings requests are for departmental use only. Once a request is made for a Bookings site, each employee can have their own service request inside the booking site that is specific to them.

      If you want to check it out, click here to visit our KB #112910 to learn more about MS Bookings. If you are interested in trying MS Bookings, click here to request a calendar to be created for you.


If you are still interested in Calendly, try the instructions below:

Note: ITS does not support the use of Calendly. Any further assistance, please contact Calendly support.

  1. First, you will need to create an account with Calendly with your Gannon email address.
    • Navigate to https://calendly.com/login
    • Click “Don’t have an account? Sign up”.
    • Enter your Gannon email address and you will get a next page like the image below.

  •  Click on the “Click here” link to create an account with a password.
  • Next, enter your full name and a password of your choice.
    •  DO NOT use your Gannon password (create one that is completely different and you have never used before).
  • Select  “continue”.

2. Once your account is created, install the Outlook plug-in.

  • Click here for info on the Microsoft website about how to install the plug-in. 

3. Signing into the Calendly plug-in.

  • Open a new email, the plug-in should be showing in the Outlook new email tool bar.
    • Click on the Calendly icon
      • Sign in with the account created.


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