Gannon University Covid-19 Acknowledgment


Beginning on February 2, 2021 at 5 am for Students and February 9 at 5 am for Staff and Faculty, you will be asked to accept Gannon University Terms of Use (COVID Acknowledgment.). Until the acknowledgment is accepted users will not be able to access Gannon Applications (Email, Office, Blackboard, MyGannon, Kaltura, Starrez, etc).

More Information

  • The COVID policy is based off your AD group you belong to.  Some employees stayed in the M365 student group because they were students previously and then was hired as an employee. That allowed you to keep your OneDrive.Currently there is no users in both groups, so you will be in one or the other.

  • Please close all Gannon applications (Email, Office, Blackboard, MyGannon, etc.) prior to your activation date. This is a one time acknowledgment and going forwards any new students or employees will need to accept the terms of use before they can get access to Gannon applications.

  • Users can access Outlook, Word, etc. but it disconnects your connection to Microsoft 365 and makes it look like you need a password.  Clicking on the password brings it up the policy again to either accept or decline.


To accept the terms and conditions:

  1. If your on a Gannon computer or it has not prompted, you can go to and bring it up when signing in.
  2. Once brought up the initial popup should look similar to the following image, but will say "Covid-19 Acknowledgment".

  1. A message will popup that you must expand the policy.

  1. Once expended it should appear like below, read through the policy.
    • Depending what device you are using it might be difficult to read the policy. You can expand the popup by taking the side of it and stretching it. 
    • There is no expand function and you can't print it within the window.

  1. Accept or decline the Acknowledgement.
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you decline you will get the following message to confirm. 

  1. If you click "Yes" and decline the COVID-19 Acknowledgement, you will get the message shown below:

Not getting prompted:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "sign out everywhere" option
  3. Go to and sign in

How users can review their terms of use:

Users can review and see the terms of use policies that they have accepted by using the following procedure:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Under Organization's notice, click on View to pull up Gannon University terms of use


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