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OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud-based online storage solution. Gannon Students and Faculty get access to OneDrive as a part of a Microsoft 365 Gannon Email account, which includes 1TB of OneDrive storage space.

OneDrive lets you keep files that you create and store on your computer in sync with the cloud. You can connect any number of other devices, such as laptops, phones, and tablets, with OneDrive, letting you keep those files in sync and making them available from anywhere. OneDrive also lets you back up specific locations from your computer to the cloud. If you turn this feature on, you can automatically keep files stored on your Desktop, in the Documents folder, and photos in your Pictures folder on your OneDrive, effectively giving you a reliable automatic backup of your most critical files. 

Primary features:

  1. Uploading files to OneDrive: When you initially set up your OneDrive account, the setup process will prompt you to copy (or move) none, some, or all of your data files to your OneDrive account. Another method for uploading files to OneDrive involves left-clicking and dragging selected files or folders from the File Explorer window on each PC to your OneDrive window to make synced copies on your OneDrive. 
  2. Installing the OneDrive app:  Once you've moved files to your OneDrive, the next step is to install the OneDrive app on each PC. Because the OneDrive app is preinstalled on all Windows 10 PCs, you can probably skip this step and proceed to step 3 below. Download OneDrive from here. 
  3. Syncing your data files to your OneDrive app: The OneDrive app on your PCs will automatically display a list of all files and folders in your OneDrive account online
  4. Fetching files: OneDrive offers an interesting and useful tool called Fetch files, which allows you to access all your data files on one PC from another PC through your OneDrive account, even if you did not upload those files to 
  5. Sharing files with others: The sharing tool enables you either to send a file or folder via email or to create a link that you can then email to others or post to a website, where users can access those files.
  6. Putting OneDrive on your smartphones: You can download a OneDrive app for your smartphone. The app allows you to view, edit, or share data files with others via your smartphone.
  7. Web access: You can access all files and folders uploaded on OneDrive.

More information can be found in the pdf attachment next to this article.


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