Teams - What you need to know about requesting a team

Request a team here: Service - Microsoft 365 - Teams (

A team in Microsoft Teams is designed for a university organization to organize and share information. A team is designed for a medium to long term usage requiring more than simple organized chat and file sharing. ITS may recommend an alternative structure based on your membership profile and goals. 

A team will not be created for specific class as an alternative to BlackBoard as an LMS. It may be considered as a supplemental tool to BlackBoard.  

Please note that all student organizations must come from Tori Williams, Any other requests will be denied with this reason.

Collaboration options in Microsoft 365 - A team versus a group chat 
Difference between a team and a group is that a team will have dedicated resources like file storage and calendar where a group will utilize a group member resources. 

Both a team and a group chat will give you the functionality to:   

  • Manage members 
  • Private chat and content is retained 
  • Share files from personal OneDrive 

In a team: 

  • Create a separate identity in M365  
  • Dedicated document libraries 
  • Ability to add separate working channels 
  • Shared Calendar 
  • Discussion boards 
  • Task and issue tracking 
  • Separate SharePoint for organizing resources 

Defining a team – Consider the following questions when requesting a team 

  • What is the team’s purpose? 
  • Who belongs on the team? 
  • Do you need to share files? What rules will be used to determine what content is appropriate and what content does not fit with the team?  
  • Who will have permissions to create channels? 
  • Will this be a permanent or temporary team? 
  • Will this team file directory replace a current network share?  

A team owner or co-owner will have the responsibility to: 

  • Add/remove members 
  • Manage channels 
  • Monitor communication for appropriate use according to the Gannon Code of Conduct 
  • Manage sensitive information in accordance to the Gannon Code of Conduct 
  • Create a short description of their team and purpose 
  • Renew account on an annual basis. A renewal email will be sent to the site owner every 6 months 
  • Managing team content including file management is the responsibility of the team owner 
  • ​​​​​​​Migration of departmental network directory files to a team site (if wanted) 


  • Team name cannot be updated 
  • Teams has a feature for application add-ons. IT Services will determine if/how these add-ons are available to GU Teams.  
  • Training resources directly from Microsoft are very thorough and will be made available to all users that have interest in using Microsoft Teams.  
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