Planner - A Microsoft 365 Product

Planner is a tool to help manage and organize work that needs to be done. Each plan has a board that can be filled with cards that represent a task. These cards can be further organized into any number of columns called 'Buckets'. Planner is especially useful for managing work of a team (small or large).

Cards can have descriptions, due dates, attachments and more. You can assign individuals to the cards they are responsible for. People can comment on cards and have discussions if there are questions. These cards can be dragged and moved between buckets as needed (e.g. from 'To-Do' to 'Done!')

Planner also provides several views such as "Charts" for visualizing overall team progress at a quick glance. 

Note: When creating plans, Gannon currently requires associating them with an existing Microsoft 365 group.

Below is a sample of a Planner Board:

Helpful Links 

  • For Microsoft Training on how to use Planner click here\


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