Teams Calling: Questions and Answers

General Questions:

Q: Will our phone numbers be the same? 

  • Phone numbers will be the same and 4-digit dialing on campus will still be available.

  • During the migration, 10-digit dialing will be necessary until everyone is migrated. 

Q: How do others outside of Gannon or with a mobile phone without Teams call us?  

  • Just dial your phone number. Teams processes the call.  

Q: How can we schedule a meeting from within a Teams chat? 

  • Click the meeting icon and schedule a meeting with the person or persons you are chatting with.

Q: Will we be provided with headsets to replace our old phones? 

  • Yealink teams certified headset will be provided to all who want one.  

  • If you want to use an existing solution (Air Pods, external speakers, Bluetooth headset, etc.), that is acceptable, too (limited support provided).  

Q: If we aren't available, or your computer is off, will the voicemail come to our Outlook or Teams? 

  • Yes, if your computer or Teams is off, Teams will send the call to your voicemail.  

Q: How do I set availability? 

  • Availability is automatically set by being synchronized with your Outlook Calendar. 

  • You can manually set your availability in your profile.  

Q: Are there settings in Teams to only receive notifications and calls during a certain time and day? 

  • Not at this point but Microsoft 365 and Teams Calling is constantly introducing new services and features. However, the MSTeams app on you mobile phone has this capability so at least you won’t be called on that device during your off hours. 

Q: How are calls handled on my mobile phone and data plans? 

  • All calls are processed over the Internet in the same way you may receive email on your mobile device.  

  • Additionally, phone calls received through teams do not go through your mobile phone number. The caller is not seeing your mobile phone number. 

Q: Can I still make international calls? 

  • Yes, however you need to contact ITS to receive a code to make calls. 

Q: How can I transfer a call and request colleague consultations?

  • When you're in a call, select more actions > consult then transfer.
  • Details from Microsoft are here

Q: What if I have a M365 Teams account from another organization outside of Gannon. Can I have access to both?  

  • Yes, you can easily add another M365 account to your profile and switch between them from a simple drop down.  

Q: What about the server and Internet stability? 

  • Microsoft is providing 99.999% uptime providing voice service over the Internet through Teams Calling (Voice Over IP).  

  • As for Gannon’s connection to the Internet, our service is provided by VelocityNet. The only notable Internet outage we have experienced over the past many years has been due to a regional outage outside of Gannon or Velocity’s control.  


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