Microsoft Teams Calling: Voicemail Information


Looking to set up/adjust your Teams Calling voicemail or learning how to access your messages? Below are the instructions for changing a voicemail message from the default message and how to access your voicemail. 


Setting up voicemail:

  • Click here to visit Microsoft's site for information on the following features:
  • Adjust your voicemail settings.
    • Set Voicemail greeting.
    • Set text-to-speech voicemail custom greeting.
    • Set an out of office voicemail greeting.

Accessing voicemail messages:

  • Click here to visit Microsoft's site for for information on accessing voicemail messages in Teams.
  • Gannon employees also get a copy of the voicemail message sent to their Gannon emails.
  • When you delete the voicemail from via Teams or email it deletes.

To delete a voicemail:

  • Delete voicemails by clicking the 3 dots next to the voicemail and choosing "Delete". Also, for those that prefer to clean up their call history, while you cannot delete, you can hide it by choosing "Remove from view": 


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