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OneDrive Tips:

Teams Tips:

  • Teams - Overview here 
    • Review a variety of topics to manage Teams meetings including recording a meeting, adding co-organizers, using live captioning, and using breakout rooms here: Meetings (  
  • Survey on the Fly - Did you know in Teams you can include a survey or poll on the fly in a chat or meeting? 

    In the chat window, click the Forms icon and create away. If you don’t see the Forms icon, click on the ellipse, Search Forms, and add it. More details available here: Work with colleagues to create, edit, and review forms in Microsoft Teams 

  • Teams Urgent Chat Message - If you need to ensure someone sees your message in Teams, you can send an urgent message. This is a very useful feature to get someone’s attention; it is one that should be used sparingly.  


Team Calling Tips:

  • Teams Phone Calls and Meetings Overview here.  
  • Setting up Voicemail, Transferring/Forwarding Calls, and More. 
    • When was the last time you actually dialed a phone number on your mobile phone? Finding and calling your colleagues in Teams is just as easy. And with additional features, it is more flexible and useful than your office phone. Check out more information and resources here: Manage your call settings in Teams ( 
  • Consult with a Colleague when you are on a Call.
    When you are on a call you can easily put someone on hold, contact a colleague, then return to the caller or transfer in quick easy steps.
    When you're in a call, select More actions   > Consult then transfer. Details from Microsoft are here

  • Set Quiet Hours and Manage Notifications in Teams Calling 
    Yes, you can put Team Calling on your mobile device. Yes, you can get your office phone calls on your mobile device. As you can imagine this can be good and bad. To give you control of when you get calls, set up Quite Hours. 

    • In Teams on your mobile device, go to Calls, your profile in the top left corner, then Notifications, Quiet hours, or During quiet time (depending on your device).
      You won’t miss those calls; they will go to voicemail for you to retrieve when you choose.  
      More details on managing notifications and quiet hours from Microsoft  here.

  • Team Calling Settings - If your headset is plugged in, you won’t hear the phone ring. You can change that here by setting up a secondary ringer. Details on managing this and all your call settings here.    

Booking, Forms, and other Apps Tips:

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