Microsoft Teams for Faculty

When you need to use MS Teams  

  1. To answer your Teams Calling office phone calls 
  2. To provide remote access to class for students 
  3. To attend a MS Teams meeting  

When you do not need to use MS Teams  

  1. Most likely you will not need to create a "Team" for your course. Teams are reserved for permanent working groups. More details are here
  2. To provide any course content to your students  
  3. To make phone calls; you and your students can still use your cell phones or personal landlines  
  4. To communicate with your students. This can still be done via email and/or through Blackboard without MS Teams  

Teams Calendar
Your Teams calendar integrates with your Outlook calendar (it's the same one). You will see all of your scheduled meetings here. To create a virtual meeting: 

  1. Click on the date/time of the meeting
  2. Add a title
  3. Add participants by typing each name (it will not become a virtual meeting unless you invite someone)
  4. Set up reoccurring meeting if necessary.
  5. Location- indicate that this is remote or add location
  6. Add any meeting information in the summary and then click Send.

Creating a Teams meeting for your Course
You can use this link for your class or office hours.

Teams Recordings
Moving a recording from Teams to Blackboard:

Group Chats for Class
Open new chat. Type names of students in class. Name the group, i.e. "Gannon 101 Tuesdays 10am."  You will be able to share files, see group chats, meet, etc. Same functions as a "Team".

Requesting a Team for Departmental Collaboration

Web-based Whiteboard 


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