Installing: Print-N-Go Printer(s) on Gannon Owned Computers (non Macs)


For Gannon-owned computers (non-Macs) the Print-N-Go print queues are distributed automatically through group policy as long as the device is connected to the Gannon network.  If for some reason your computer has not picked up the policy please follow these instructions.

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NOTE: These instructions will work for Windows 10 and 11.  For MACs please visit here and follow the instructions for personal owned devices.  Once installed you will be able to use the Print-N-Go print queue from your computer while connected to the Gannon Wired/Wireless Network. 

  1. Click Start and type in  \\papercut-erie\Print-N-Go and hit Enter (Erie Campus)  OR
    Click Start and type in \\papercut-ruskin\Print-N-Go-Ruskin and hit Enter (Ruskin Campus).
  2. A window will pop up, Click Printer (On Menu Bar) then Set as Default printer. If Set as Default is greyed out then it is already your default printer.
  3. Print to the Print-N-Go printer that is applicable to your campus. (Erie, Ruskin)
  4. Find the closest Gannon print device and swipe your card and release your job(s). Note: Print jobs not retrieved within 48 hours will be deleted from the print queue.
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