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When connecting to the SonicWall NetExtender VPN, users may be get one of the following errors: 

  • The sever is not reachable.The server may be down or your Internet settings may be down.
  • Disconnected, RAS has encountered an error.
  • Service is not responding.

When already connected to the Sonic Wall NetExtender VPN, users may get this error:

"NetExtender has been disconnected for one of the following reasons:

  • There was a break in the network connection.
  • The connection was idle for longer than the configured idle timeout.
  • Your user account was logged out of the SSL VPN portal."

Note: There are others that are not listed.


SonicWall NetExtender VPN troubleshooting; if clients experience problems with install or encounter error messages, have them try the following:

1. Verify what version of SonicWall NetExtender software is installed.

2. Rebooting the computer:

  • You might have to reboot a couple times 
    • Try to connect again

3. Uninstalling/re-installing the SonicWall NetExtender,

Uninstalling for Windows:

Finding the program on the computer:

  • Click the "Start button".
  • Type "Control Panel" in the search bar.
    • View By: Category
      • Click "Uninstall a Program".
    • View By: Small Icons or Large Icons
      • Click "Programs and Features".
  • Locate the Dell SonicWall NetExtender on the list
    • Select uninstall
  • Rebooting the device once it is finished


  • Click here to check out our KB: 43994 for more information on the vpn installation or go to https://vpn.gannon.edu and download and install the different version of NetExtender client.
    • The click here at the top of the page has the most current version.
      • Try to connect again once installed.

4. Removing the VPN saved profiles. 

  • Open the SonicWall NetExtender icon.
  • Click on the wrench icon on the bottom left corner two icons in.
    • Remove the profile(s) by selecting “remove all”.
    • Note: If the "remove all" option is grayed out please X out of currently open Sonicwall NetExtender box. Then right click the application icon on the computer and choose "Run as administrator" and try above steps to see if it changes anything
  • Reboot the device and try to connect again.

Note: You will need to enter the domain and sever address below again.

Server: vpn.gannon.edu
Username: (Your Gannon Network ID)
Password: (Your Gannon Network password)
Domain: gannon.edu

5. Checking the status of the "Remote Access Connection Manager"

  • Go to the windows search bar
    • Type in "services".
      • Scroll down to "Remote Access Connection Manager".
      • Check to make sure it says that it is "running" and that it is set to "automatic".

MacOS 10.12 (latest version) is not supported on our new firewall as Apple has removed support for RC4 ssl ciphers.

Trouble after connected:

If users experience the error about break in the network connection while connected to the VPN, it is usually a problem with their home Wi-Fi. ITS provides limited phone support when troubleshooting off campus Internet connections, below are the trouble shooting questions.

Troubleshooting questions/steps:

  • Where is your home router located in your home, is it sitting next to an adjacent exterior wall? If so you might want to consider moving to a more central location so you can get a more even coverage throughout the home.
  • How far away are you from the router? Can you move closer or even hardwire in with a Ethernet cord to see if you can get a better connection?
  • Is the router near a TV or microwave oven? These can cause interference with the connection on devices.
  • How many people/devices are connected at the moment? Can you disconnect some to see if your connection improves?
  • Have you tried to reboot your home network?
  • Do you have a 5ghz network connection? Some home networks come with 2.4ghz and a 5ghz. If you do you can try to connect to the 5ghz, so there is less interference?
  • Lastly have you contacted your provider to see if there is a problem on that end or something they can do to prove your situation.


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