Repeatedly Locked Out - Cached Password


Account constantly being locked out after changing Gannon password due to stored (cached) passwords.

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  • Cached passwords can be frustrating and time consuming to troubleshoot and fix, so it is recommended not to save your Gannon password (especially to public devices).

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How to avoid lock outs due to cached password:

  • Never click the "Save My Password" or "Remember Me" box
  • Always log out of the Dais when you are finished

Resolving a cached password:

Credentials (passwords) can be stored on devices and in browsers. When you click the “Remember my password” box, this will create a credential that is stored on that specific device. This can be your personal computer/device, your office computer, a Dais computer, or a lab computer. 

Troubleshooting cached password

  1. Gather possible devices with the stored (cached) password
    • Turn off all the devices 
  2. Unlock your account with Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) using our KB: Account Locked Out
    • It is key to use the unlock option and not to try and reset the password which could make the situation worse
  3. Try to sign in on a device you know does not have the cached password after a few minutes to see if the account is still locked
    • Account locked out again: there is another possible cached device unaccounted for
    • Account not locking? Turn each device on one at a time with about 5-10 minutes in between to see if the account locks out again

Having trouble narrowing down effected device?

On each device you sign in with Gannon credentials:

  1. Deleted stored (cached) password for each browser on the devices, instructions vary depending on browser. Remove all Gannon saved passwords from browsers, even if you don't use that browser any longer.
    • Google Chrome
    • Edge
    • Firefox
    • Safari
      • Unable to delete saved passwords from Keychain (Macbook users)
        • Option 1: Update the saved password
          • Navigate to the Keychain Access app 
            • Find the saved password in question and double click to bring up the info on the saved credential 
            • Check the 'show password' box and enter the computer password 
              • Once shown, type in the new password and hit save changes
        • Option 2: Reset the Keychain 
          • Click here to visit Apple's site about how to reset your keychain access. ​​​​​​​Note: Resetting the Keychain will clear all saved passwords.
  2. Remove any stored (cached) login from Windows Credential Manager for Windows users
    • Restart the computer to completely remove Windows Credentials.
  3. Check for stored password with the Print-N-Go printers on Macs
  4. Once done, unlock the account using Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
    • If you are not set up for SSPR, wait 30 minutes for account to automatically unlock or call the Help Desk at 814-871-7501 to have password reset in attempt to unlock the account 

Account still locking out?

Contact the Help Desk at 814-871-7501 for further assistance.


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