PaperCut: Tracking Prints and Remaining Prints

Faculty and Staff:
Faculty and staff have unlimited printing and copying privileges to support their daily work.  Note that print behaviors are tracked and abuse will be handed with exception reporting to department heads and members of the President's Leadership Team (PLT) as necessary. 

PaperCut transaction history, log of all jobs printed, and the number of print pages remaining can be found by accessing and scrolling down the right hand column to a tab labeled Print Manager.  Select View Print Log to login and manage your PaperCut account.  Students are allotted 600 Black and White pages per semester.   Note: Color printing charges 10 times the rate as Black and White printing.  Additional pages can be purchased using GU Gold dollars.

Pages will not be refunded unless the printer malfunctions and does not print and you are still charged for the pages. It is your responsibility to manage your account and know your balance.


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