How to Register Entertainment Devices on GUWireless


Connecting a Smart TV, wireless gadget, smart assistant, gaming device, etc... in the residence halls on GUWireless Wi-Fi. Note: This procedure is not to be used for wireless printers, laptop, phones, or tablets.

More Information

  • GUGuest cannot be used to register an entertainment device. If the computer or phone being used to register the entertainment device has connected to GUGuest Wi-Fi within the past 24 hours, you will need to wait the time or contact the Help Desk further assistance to see if it can be removed earlier.
  • Google Chromecast and Home (includes Google Home Mini, etc.), LED lights, and other Smart Home devices are consumer products and are designed for home networks and thus may not work on Gannon’s enterprise network. Gannon ITS does not provide support for these products. 
  • Nintendo Switch's register as a tablet does: Connect it to GUWireless and if needed, go to a website outside of Gannon to initiate the FortiNAC scan process.
  • Nintendo Wii Game console, click here to check out our KB: 43854 on "Wii Not Connecting".
  • Apple watches connect as a entertainment device as well, make sure to turn off the private Wi-Fi address before trying with the following:
    • Go to the settings
    • Click on Wi-Fi 
    • Select the GUWireless network 
    • Turn off the option for the "Private Wi-Fi Address" 
      • You will get a message about "Turning of private address will temporarily interrupt your Wi-Fi connection. Network activity will be temporarily interrupted.", click on continue.


  1. Students need to connect their device to the GUWireless Wi-Fi (GUGuest will not work for registering entertainment devices)   

    • A password is required to make the connection to GUWireless* - wireless@gannonuniversity

  2. Locate the MAC address on the device   

    • To locate the MAC address on your device, please click on the PDF on the bottom right corner of this KB under attachments.

  3. Open a browser on your computer* and go to and enter your network ID, password, device type and MAC address; then click Submit. 

  4. Now your device should be connected.

*The computer used to access the registration URL needs to be successfully authenticated to GUWireless to access the registration page.

Getting an error when registering device, verify which error it is: 

First, verify that the device is connected to GUWireless when entering the MAC address in the registration website (this step is often missed in the process) 

  • If you register the device and get an error stating, The MAC address you entered is invalid for a Mac address” – Please re-type your Wireless MAC address.

  •  If you register the device and get an error stating, “The MAC address you entered is invalid for an entertainment device” – take a photo of the Wireless MAC address and the error you are getting as proof with your phone, since there is a few you can get and email it to with your building and room # (remember to provide details such as your name, device type, error message and a phone number in case we have further questions)

  • If you register the device and get an error stating, "The host is already registered" please have the client take picture of the error message and the mac address of the device and send it to with your building and room # (remember to provide details such as your name, device type, error message and a phone number in case we have further questions).Once adding to the ticket it will be escalated and when the device is removed you can re-register the device.

For quicker assistance, update and attach the photos of the error messages and MAC address to your ticket yourself:

  1. Navigate to our ITS home page
  2. In the new page, find and select the "My Tickets" button on the ITS Home tab page
  3. Click on your ticket (it should take you to a new page) > At the right side, you will see a box that says "Attachments"
  4. You can click on the "+ option" and attach the pictures there or drag and drop the file 
    • You can also comment on your ticket your building and room #

For issues on a Smart TV that has already registered successfully, try these steps:   

  1. Power cycle the TV (unplug the TV power cord for two minutes, then plug the TV power cord back in.) 

  2. If (1) does not resolve the problem, locate the Test Internet settings on the TV.  (You may need to Google your Make/Model of TV to locate those settings.)

  3. Check to see if other apps have Internet access or if the issue is with one app.

    • List the Apps that are having the issue

  4. Enter a ticket for Register an Entertainment Device on GUWireless and document the results of the above 3 steps


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