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All students, staff, and faculty can print from their laptop, tablet, phone etc. to any computer lab, hallway, or common area that has a printer/copy machine. Printing on campus is managed by software called PaperCut.

Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and staff have unlimited printing and copying privileges to support their daily work. Note that print behaviors are tracked and abuse will be handed with exception reporting to department heads and members of the President's Leadership Team (PLT) as necessary. 


Each student is allotted a print quota of 600 Black and White pages a semester. As printing Color costs 10 times verus printing Black and White your semester print quota will be debited 10 pages for each color printed page. Pages will not be refunded unless the printer malfunctions and does not print and you are still charged for the pages. 

Examples: (assume starting print quota balance is 600 pages)

  • Printing a 3 page Black and White document will debit 3 pages (REMAINING PAGE BALANCE is 597 pages).
  • Printing a 3 page Color document will debit 30 pages.  (REMAINING PAGE BALANCE is 570 pages).
  • Printing a 3 page document where 2 pages are Black and White and 1 page is Color will debit 12 pages (REMAINING PAGE BALANCE is 588 pages).

It is your responsibility to manage your account and know your balance

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More Information 

  • Print jobs not retrieved within 5 days will be deleted from the print queue.
  • You only get charged for prints that you release or copies made.
  • Colored printers are available in computer labs and other select locations on campus with signs stating they print Color.
    • If you release the print job at a Clack & White printer it will still charge for color and you will not be refunded.
  • Most print devices have timeout settings deployed for security and safety in the event a device is left unattended while printing.
    • The timeouts are explained as follows: There is a 1 minute timeout if you are not actively interfacing with (touching) the device.  (Xerox timeout). There is also a 5 minute forced timeout while operating the device, even if you are interfacing with the device. (PaperCut timeout).

Helpful Links 

Printing Instructions

Students Setting up print account: (This is a one-time process)​​​​

  •  In order to print you must first register your account in PaperCut.  
  • Click here to access the MyGannon Print Manager tab or register directly while on the campus network here (If you have already performed this task once then you are good to go).

Print from your own personal device (e.g. laptop, tablet, phone) or Gannon Macs :

  •  Visit here at MyGannon to access Print Manager tab or navigate directly while on the campus network here. This will detect your device type and walk you through installing a Print-N-Go printer of your choice (Erie, Ruskin, Black-White, Color). 
  • Printing to Print-N-Go printers allows you to tap your Gannon ID card and release your print job at any lab, hallway, common area printer/copy machine. This is called Mobility Print. 
  • Additional steps for MacBooks once printer is installed when printing:
    • When attempting to print, you will be prompted to login. Use your Gannon Network-ID and password NOT your MAC profile username and password, these are auto-filled. Do not select Remember Me as this will cause them to get locked out the next time they change their password.
      • NOTE:  "Holding for Authentication" error message on MAC. Make sure you are entering your Gannon Network ID and password and NOT your MAC profile username and password (Your MAC profile is often auto-filled). 

Print from a Gannon owned computer (e.g. in a computer lab):

  •  Print as you normally would from within the application (e.g. File - Print). 
  • Select either Print-N-Go or Print-N-Go Ruskin for the printer selection. 
  • Visit the printer/copier of your choice.
  • Tap your Gannon ID card on the print device.
  • Select and release your print job

Printing as a work study or a graduate assistant student:

  • Contact your department supervisor to ensure your personal 600 page quota is not charged for work study department work. 
  • Once department supervisors have authorized students to print/copy for their department, those students will need to select for every print/copy job whether the job is for a department account or for their personal student account (quota). 
  • Instructions about how to perform this task and make this selection can be found here.

Managing Print Balance:

PaperCut transaction history, log of all jobs printed, and the number of print pages remaining can be found by accessing and scrolling down the right hand column to a tab labeled Print Manager. Additional pages can be purchased using GU Gold dollars.

Refund Requests:

Pages will not be refunded unless the printer malfunctions and does not print and you are still charged for the pages. It is your responsibility to manage your account and know your balance.

MPS Printer Locations:

For Xerox Printer locations click here.


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