How to Add Gannon Holidays to MS Outlook Calendar

To add the Gannon University Holidays to your Outlook Calendar:

  1. Go to: and click on the appropriate calendar year link.
  2. Select "open" in the file download window.
  3. Open or go to your Outlook window.
  4. Check the "Gannon University " item on the pop-up window and then press: OK.
  5. If the file has been installed previously, you will be notified.
  6. You will receive a message that the holidays were added to your calendar. Click "OK" to close the window.

 NOTE: Only add a calendar year once. If you add the same calendar year a second time the events will be duplicated and can only be removed manually.

To remove the duplicates:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  2. Locate the date on which you have duplicate holidays
  3. Select the duplicate holiday that you wish to remove by right clicking on it with the mouse and select delete
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