Blocked Attachments (Faculty & Staff)


 ITS can release Gannon-related attachments. Attachments that have the following file extensions are removed from emails.

File Extensions:
.ade, .adp, .bas, .bat, .chm, .cla, .class, .cmd, .com, .cpl, .crt, .cst, .email, .eml, .exe, .hlp, .hta, .inf, .ins, .js, .jse, .lnk, .msc, .msi, .mst, .ocx, .pcd, .pif, .reg, .scr, .shb, .shs, .url, .vb, .vbe, .vbs, .wsc, .wsf, .wsh

NOTE:  ZIP files that have these file extensions within them will also be removed.

If one of these prohibited files needs to be received via email please contact the ITS Help Desk at (814) 871-7501 for assistance.

More Information

  • This applies to Faculty or Staff emails only.


The following information is needed in the work order. We're unable to locate any attachments without this information.

  1. Who the email was sent to
  2. Who sent the email (email address if possible)
  3. Date email arrived minus the attachment
  4. Subject of email sent
  5. A copy of the Email user received should be forwarded to

Once the work order has been entered and the email attachment released, it will be delivered to the user's Inbox.


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