Booking the ITS Conference Room (3000F) Information


The ITS Conference Room (3000F) can be scheduled by any Faculty or Staff member.

More Information

  • When you successfully book the ITS conference room you will receive an email notification.
  • If you invite the conference room as an attendee and not a resource, the room will still be reserved but the location will not autofill in the appointment.

Booking the ITS Conference Room (3000F)

  1. Click on Calendar in the Folder list in Outlook
  2. Double-click the date and time you wish to reserve
  3. Enter the Subject and any notes (Do NOT enter a location)
  4. Click on the Scheduling Assistant button
    • Click the Add Attendees and Resources to select the users from the global address book
      • Select the ITS Conference Room (3000F) and click the Resource button
        • If busy you can scroll through dates to see if there is a better date/time
      • Click the Save & Close button to send your appointment

ITS users will receive an email stating that the request was accepted. All non-ITS users will receive an email stating: “Your request was received and is pending approval”. Pam Duffin (owner) will also receive the email request. Once she approves the meeting. The meeting organizer will receive an email stating that the meeting has been accepted.


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