Network ID and Email Deletion for Inactive Students

Students who have not used their Gannon Network ID or Email since December 31, 2022 will have their accounts deleted on January 19, 2024. 

Once the account has been deleted the account can be recovered for 30 days, which is February 18, 2024.  After that date there is no recovery available.

Gannon University’s policy states that “Students are allowed to have access to Gannon’s Network, Computers, Applications, and Email as long as they actively use their Network ID within the past year.”

***Be sure to follow the steps below using Chrome as the browser.***  

  • For students who don’t need their Gannon Network ID or Email beyond January 19, 2024 there is no action to take.
  • If you would like to continue using your Gannon Network ID and Email again simply go to and click the Password Reset Portal.  This will keep your account active for another year.  But do so before the January 19, 2024 deletion date.

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