Installing: Print-N-Go Printer(s) on Personal Owned Devices (or Gannon Macs)


Personal owned devices (and Gannon Macs) printing is accomplished through Papercut Mobility Print.  Reference the below and once installed you will be able to use the Print-N-Go queue from your device while connected to the Gannon Wired/Wireless Network.

More Information

  • Print jobs stay in the queue for 5 days before automatically deleting.
  • You only get charged for prints that you release or copies made.

Helpful Links 


Installing the Print-N-Go Printers:

  1. Visit the Print Manager tab or navigate directly while on the campus network to: http://papercut-erie:9163/setup
  2. This will detect your device type and walk you through installing a Print-N-Go printer of your choice and needs.
    • Print-N-Go (Erie Campus Black-White Print Queue)
    • Print-N-Go-Erie-Color (Erie Campus Color Print Queue)
    • Print-N-Go-Ruskin (Ruskin Campus Black-White Print Queue)
    • Print-N-Go-Ruskin-Color (Ruskin Campus Color Print Queue)
    Additional step for Mac devices:
    1. Ensure the Print-N-Go printer is highlighted after performing step 2 and select Sharing Preferences from the right hand side of the window.  Check the Remote Login box as it is usually unchecked.

Printing on Campus:

  1. Print to the Print-N-Go printer that is applicable to your needs. (Erie, Ruskin, Black-White, Color)
    Additional steps for Mac devices:
    1. When attempting to print, you will be prompted to login. Use your Gannon Network-ID and password NOT your MAC profile username and password, these are auto-filled.
    2. Do not select Remember Me as this will cause them to get locked out the next time they change their password.
  2. Find the closest Gannon print device and swipe your card and release your job(s). Note: Print jobs not retrieved within 48 hours will be deleted from the print queue.

NOTE:  "Holding for Authentication" error message on MAC.  Make sure you are entering your Gannon Network ID and password and NOT your MAC profile username and password (Your MAC profile is often auto-filled). 


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