Stem Center or Writing Center Login Issues

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The Stem/Writing Center uses your Gannon Network ID and password to log in.


  1. Don't know your Network ID, click here to visit our KB "What is My Network ID?" for more information on how to find that information.
  2. Make sure you are NOT entering or after your network ID as this will cause login attempts to fail.
  3. Verify that you are able to sign into other Gannon sites (portal, email, Blackboard, etc.) without Single-Sign On (SSO) help if on campus. Try signing in on a private/incognito browser window.
    • If not, your Gannon password will need to be reset, click here to visit our KB: 43873 on "Network Password - Update or Reset"
    • If you are able to log into those sites please contact the Stem & Writing Center as directed on the site by emailing

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Department  The Stem & Writing Center 
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Location Nash Library (Lower Level)
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