Account Locked Out


Unable to log into Gannon account after multiple attempts of signing in? Gannon accounts automatically unlock after 30 minutes from the last attempt to sign in.


Locked out, here are three options on how to unlock your account.

Option 1: Waiting it out
  • Wait the 30 minute window of lock out for the account to unlock itself (do not attempt to sign in during the 30 minute windows or the time could restart)
Option2: Unlocking the account yourself
  • Navigate to or
  • Click on the "Can’t access your account?" link on the email sign in page or "Forgot my password" link on the enter password page
  • Enter your Gannon email and the characters in the picture

  • Select the option, "I know my password, but still can't sign in"

  • Select the contact method you want to use for the verification process

NOTE: It might have you go through 2 verification options before it will unlock the account

  • Depending which contact method you choose you will get a verification code through that method.
    • Enter the verification code 
      • You should receive a message on screen about being unlocked

Option 3: Reset your password  or call the Help Desk to get the password reset to unlock the account 
  • The Help Desk can assist with clearing this lock before the 30 minute window if needed, by manually resetting the password.
    • Note: You will need to provide your Gannon ID number, this is a precaution that we have in order to protect you and your account in case someone tried to call in as you. If you do not know your Gannon ID number click here to find out were you can find it.

Account getting repeatedly locked out:

Did you recently change your password? It could be a cached password that is causing the problem. Click here to see a related article or see the article listed on the right.


When a user tries to login with their Gannon Network ID and an incorrect password, the system will lock them out after 5 attempts for a time period of 30 minutes.


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