Printing: "Hold for Authentication" Error on Macs


Getting the error "Hold for Authentication" or "Waiting for Authentication" when attempting to print while using a Mac device.

More Information

  •  You have to be connected fully to the GUWireless network to print.
  • There are few common reasons that users get the "Hold for Authentication"or "Waiting for Authentication" error.

Helpful Links 


  1. Check Internet connection: make sure that you do not need to run the FortiNAC scan by going to or loading a non-Gannon site.
  2. Getting prompted for login credentials: Make sure you are entering your Gannon Network ID and password - NOT your Mac profile user name and password (Your Mac profile name is often auto-filled) when the printing prompt appears.
  3. Not getting prompted for login credentials:Do you save your passwords? If you're still getting the error after using your Gannon credentials, the following steps should resolve the problem:
    • Click the magnifying glass to the right of the clock in the OS X Menu Bar to open Spotlight.
    • Type in "Keychain"
    • Open the "Keychain"
    • Search "All Items" for "print-n-go" and search for "Gannon"
    • Restart your MacBook if you still get the "Hold for Authentication" error.
  4. Account locked out:
    • To check if your account is locked, try signing in to (If on campus, try signing in on a private incognito browser)
      • If you're unable to sign in to your account may be locked.
        • Click here to visit our KB: 57004, "Account Locked Out" to see your options for unlocking your account.
    • Still unable to print and your account continues to get locked out, click here to check out our KB: 43702, on cached passwords or visit the KBs in the related articles section linked to the right to learn more.

Unable to delete saved passwords from Keychain?

Option 1: Update the saved password

  • Navigate to the Keychain Access app 
    • Find the saved password in question and double click to bring up the info on the saved credential 
    • Check the show password box and enter the computer password 
      • Once shown, type in the new password and hit save changes

If it does not let you change the saved password, move to option 2

Option 2: Hit refresh on the print job in the print queue on MacBook to re-enter password 

Option 3: Reset the Keychain 

  • Click here to visit Apple's site about how to reset your keychain access.
    • Note: Resetting the Keychain will clear all saved passwords.


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