Create an Email Group in Microsoft 365


If you click on Groups in Microsoft 365, an error message displays “Sorry, the ability to create groups has been turned off by the person who manages your email”.

Users are not allowed to create groups in Microsoft 365.  This ability has been disabled. However, you can create a Contact List.


How to create a Contact List:

  1. Log into Microsoft 365 email.
  2. Click the "People" icon in the side left panel
  3. Click the down arrow beside '+ New Contact' and
    • Select 'New Contact List' 
    • Assign a name and add members to it.

Access your contact lists:

  1. Click the 'People' icon in the side left panel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    1. In the left side bar click: 'Your contacts' > 'Contacts'
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