Application Overview - NCAA Compliance Assist

Application Overview

The Compliance Assistant program is a tool designed to help administrators ensure that their athletic department and student-athletes are in compliance with NCAA legislation. In addition to applying NCAA legislation in the areas of financial aid, eligibility, recruiting, athletics personnel and playing and practice seasons, it is a data-collection system that can be used to generate NCAA-required forms and other forms created by the user.

Application Information

How to access the application:
Click Here
Account used to access this application:
Access to the Compliance Assistant (CA) application is managed by single-source sign-on (SSO) administrators at each of the NCAA member schools and conferences.
Application licensing information:
This program, documentation and technical support are provided free to the NCAA membership.
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Requesting Help with this Application

For non-technical issues with the application, please contact the department(s) below:
Account Access Athletics 814-871-7416
Who can contact vendor for technical support:
Company NCAA
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