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Application Overview

GSViewer is a custom desktop application that allows staff to run certain legacy Colleague processes. These processes were unable to be run in the later versions of Colleague UI.  

Application Information

How to access the application:
Please see the attached article for installation instructions. Once installed this application can be found under your program list (titled GSViewerWindowsMigration).  Off campus access requires a secure VPN connection.
Account used to access this application:
You will need to request access to GSViewer by submitting a Helpdesk request. 
Application licensing information:
No additional licensing is needed to use this product.
Department(s) at Gannon that use this application:
HR, Financial Aid, Admissions, and others.
Application versions being run:
"GSViewerWindowsMigration" v. 10.0.15 is the most current version.
Updating to the Current Version:
Please see the attached powerpoint entitled "Updating GS Viewer 2023" for instructions on how to update to the current version.
Contact for training on this application:
University Contact ITS
User Guide Not Available
Training Materials Not Available
Other Helpful Links Not Available

Requesting Help with this Application

For non-technical issues with the application, please contact the department(s) below:
Questions on a running process Relevant Department Director  
Who can contact vendor for technical support:
Company Gannon ITS Department
Support Email
Other Contact Not Available
Support URL Not Available

Additional Information

GSViewer Security - GSViewer checks the Network ID used to log into the PC and checks to see if that Network ID has a Colleague Username.

Then when a process is run, it will check the Colleague user's security to make sure they have the proper credentials.


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