WiFi & Networking

WiFi, Network Services, Data & Files, VPN.

Services (8)

Report a Problem with WiFi or Networking

WiFi connectivity and Network problems.

Request Access to an Employee's Data

All requests to access an employee's data must go through HR.

Connect to Gannon WiFi

Help connecting Laptops, Tablets, and Phones to Gannon WiFi

Network Drive & Other Network Services

Access or permission to a shared network directory or drive; Create a network share; Request a storage increase to a network drive or to your Trout drive. Also, use this service to Request a firewall port, assist with a blocked website, assist with static IP/DHCP reservations, or DNS entry.

Register an Entertainment Device on GUWireless

Help connecting Game Consoles, Alexa, printers, Roku, TVs, etc to Gannon WiFi.
*For wireless printers contact the Help Desk directly.

VPN - Off-Campus Access - SonicWALL NetExtender

The VPN provides a secure connection to the Gannon network from anywhere on the Internet.

Request Network Jack/Jack Activation

Request voice/data jack installation/activation. (Administrative and Academic buildings only)

Data Recovery - Files or Email

Request a file or folder recovery or email to be restored from a previous day from backup.