Wi-Fi & Networking

Internet, Wi-Fi, Network Services, VPN, Data & Files.

Services (8)

Connect to Gannon WiFi

Help connecting Laptops, Tablets, and Phones to Gannon WiFi

Report a Problem with WiFi or Networking

WiFi connectivity and Network problems.

Request Access to an Employee's Data

All requests to access an employee's data must go through HR.

Network Drive & Other Network Services

Access or permission to a shared network directory or drive; Create a network share; Request a storage increase to a network drive or to your Trout drive. Also, use this service to Request a firewall port, assist with a blocked website, assist with static IP/DHCP reservations, or DNS entry.

Register an Entertainment Device on GUWireless

Help connecting Game Consoles, Alexa, printers, Roku, TVs, etc to Gannon WiFi.
*For wireless printers contact the Help Desk directly.

VPN - Off-Campus Access - SonicWALL NetExtender

The VPN provides a secure connection to the Gannon network from anywhere on the Internet.

Request Network Jack/Jack Activation

Request voice/data jack installation/activation. (Administrative and Academic buildings only)

Data Recovery - Files or Email

Request a file or folder recovery or email to be restored from a previous day from backup.