Gannon Account/ID, MFA sign-in verification assistance, and Software Access

Services (10)

MFA/2FA verification

Assistance with MFA verification method for two factor authentication during sign-in. Stronger authentication method for key technology systems currently using Gannon University’s single-sign on system, to reduce the risk of a compromise, especially with high value systems such as those that process or store sensitive and restricted information.

Report a Problem with Faculty, Staff, Student, or Department ID/Account

Network ID creations for new Students, Faculty or Staff are automatically created within 24 hours.

Reset or Unlock a Password

Reset or unlock a Network ID password. Gannon policy is that Network passwords expire once a year (365 days).

Create a New Departmental Network ID

A departmental ID is created upon request from the department and may contain an email address.

Exemption from Local Administrative Rights Policy

Least privilege is intended to prevent “over-privileged access” by users, applications, or services and help reduce the risk of exploitation

Change Name/ID for Faculty, Staff or Student

Network ID changes can be a departmental ID change, a name change or assistance with a disabled account. Accounts can be disabled by Human Resources, failure to accept the Code of Conduct, or other actions. Student accounts can be deleted for inactivity. Use this service to request a Network ID change to enable faculty or staff access to an Office 365 account.

Software Access & Security

Grant, modify, or remove security access to an application, file, or web solution.

Deactivate an Account

Request a disable for a departmental account. Employee terminations must go through HR.

Request Access to an Employee's Data

All requests to access an employee's data must go through HR.

Network Drive & Other Network Services

Access or permission to a shared network directory or drive; Create a network share; Request a storage increase to a network drive or to your Trout drive. Also, use this service to Request a firewall port, assist with a blocked website, assist with static IP/DHCP reservations, or DNS entry.