Code of Conduct; Wireless Device Policy; Technology Advisory Committee (TAC); Administrative Computing Committee (ACC); Committee for Academic Technology (CAT)

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Code of Conduct

Information Technology Code of Conduct.

Current Status of Major IT Projects

Major Projects with ITS Impact

Wireless Device Policy

There are several types of devices that operate at a frequency that conflict with Gannon’s wireless network (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz). Therefore, use of these wireless devices is strictly prohibited on campus. Those devices are listed in this service.

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for providing leadership and guidance on all institution-wide issues pertaining to computers and networks (including data, voice and video).

Subcommittee for Academic Learning Technology (SALT)

The Committee for Academic Technology (CAT) serves as a sub-committee of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) as the academic community voice and resource.

Subcommittee for Enterprise Applications and Solutions (SEAS)

The Administrative Computing Committee is an advisory group responsible for providing leadership and guidance with respect to technology used in Administrative areas.