Data Recovery - Files or Email

File restore from backup:

***Note: The "Previous Version" option is only available on the Zurn server.

Files recovery using "Previous Version" are available for 2 days.

Deleted files from a shared directory on Zurn:

  1. Navigate to the location the files were deleted from (example: \\zurn\ITS\computers).
  2. Once you've accessed the location the deleted files were housed right-click in the folder area (not on any specific file).
  3. Click on "Properties"
  4. Click on the "Previous Versions" tab.
  5. Locate the deleted file or folder and click on the "Restore" button.
  6. File or folder will be restored to its original location before deletion took place.

If the file(s) were not found in previous versions or a file(s) need to be restored from another server other than Zurn. A work order will need to be submitted and the following information is required:

  1. Server file is located on. (i.e... \\zurn\ or \\ec\, etc..)
  2. Name of File(s)/Folder(s) missing Ex: \\zurn\"FolderName"\test.xls or \\zurn\"foldername"
  3. Time frame of when you can last think the file(s)/folder(s) was there.

If recovery is needed on servers other than the "Zurn" server you will need to get the name of the server, folder or files that recovery is needed for.


File recovery request from a flash or external USB drive:

Data recovery "may" be possible (but not guaranteed) if a flash or external USB drive becomes corrupt or a file/folder is accidentally deleted.

Email restore from backup:

Faculty and Staff email can be restored within a certain time frame. Make sure you look in your Archive folder. Make sure you look in your Deleted Items. Have you tried to recover your Deleted Items folder? Have you tried using the Search Inbox feature under the main Outlook menu\toolbar? Once you click there, the Search Tools tab will appear and you can choose to search by day, month, year, etc as well as search by Sent To, From. There is also a "More" option for in-depth searches.

If you can not find the particular items you are searching for, click the Create a Ticket button.

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