Resources for Teaching, Learning and Working From Home

Work at Home resources are provided to you as a convenience to give you the flexibility of accessing your Gannon work data on personal technology such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. There is a wide variety of resources that give you access. Below are just a few of the things you can do from home.

  • Access Colleague Self Service for administrative access, BlackBoard for LMS, PeopleAdmin for HR, ITS Help Desk, etc. 
  • Get full versions of Office for use on your personal devices.
  • Access Gannon resources with your mobile devices. 
  • Access secure Gannon sites off campus.
  • Conduct web and tele conferences.  
  • Borrow equipment on a temporary basis to support work at home needs.  

Click here for everything you need to teach, learn or work from home.

Support Information - Contact the Help Desk if you have questions or need assistance on any of these topics. ITS can provide only limited support on personal devices since there can be vast differences in hardware, software, and system settings. Although we can't offer the same support that we can for Gannon owned devices, we can assist with basic troubleshooting and guidance.



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