Add Pages to Your Account

PaperCut transaction history, log of all jobs printed, and the number of print pages remaining can be found by accessing and selecting the Print Manager tab located in the right hand column.  Select View Print Log to login and manage your PaperCut account.  Students are allotted 600 Black and White pages per semester.   Note: Color printing charges 10 times the rate as Black and White printing.  Students can purchase additional pages by selecting the option from Print Manager.

Student pricing for additional pages is as follows:

  • 100 pages for $5.00
  • 200 pages for $10.00
  • 500 pages for $25.00

Students to purchase additional pages please perform the following:

  • GU Gold is the only method of payment accepted to purchase additional pages, please verify your GU Gold balance as a minimum balance of $5.00 is required to purchase additional pages
  • To verify your GU Gold balance and/or make a GU Gold deposit please access and select the GU Gold tab located in the center column
  • Purchase additional pages by accessing and selecting the Print Manager tab located in the right hand column
Purchasing Additional Pages


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