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A departmental ID is created upon request from the department and may contain an email address.

The Committee for Academic Technology (CAT) serves as a sub-committee of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) as the academic community voice and resource.

Report a problem with any service in this category. (Software examples: Respondus, Blackboard, Kaltura, VPN, etc..)

Gannon utilizes a third-party vendor, ComDoc, to provide technical support for paper jams, errors and any malfunctions with our network printers. You can locate information on toner and paper procedures here as well.

Report a lost or stolen University computer or cell phone.

Help connecting Game Consoles, Alexa, printers, Roku, TVs, etc to Gannon WiFi.
*For wireless printers contact the Help Desk directly.

Reset or unlock a Network ID password. Gannon policy is that Network passwords expire once a year (365 days).

Chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place with your team.

Malicious software, which includes viruses, spyware, or other potentially unwanted software can try to install itself on your computer any time you connect to the Internet. It can also infect your computer when you install a program using a flash drive or other removable media. Malicious software can also be programmed to run at unexpected times, not just when it is installed. We can help to check your device for any unwanted spyware or malware, click the Request Assistance button.

Request removal of technology hardware including computers, monitors, printers, phones, or other electronic peripherals. Hardware Disposal form will need to be completed.

Access or permission to a shared network directory or drive; Create a network share; Request a storage increase to a network drive or to your Trout drive. Also, use this service to Request a firewall port, assist with a blocked website, assist with static IP/DHCP reservations, or DNS entry.

There are several types of devices that operate at a frequency that conflict with Gannon’s wireless network (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz). Therefore, use of these wireless devices is strictly prohibited on campus. Those devices are listed in this service.

The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for providing leadership and guidance on all institution-wide issues pertaining to computers and networks (including data, voice and video).

Create, modify, or remove reports, databases, integrations, or web solutions.  Request software updates installations or upgrade an application. Implementation of application.

Request a file or folder recovery or email to be restored from a previous day from backup.

This document is to be prepared in advance of hiring, when submitting a position requisition, in order to prepare for the technology needs for your new employee. If you do not know any of the required information, put “to be determined”.

Having a problem with computer software of hardware not working or working poorly? This service is used for apps installed on your computer (i.e Microsoft's Office suite of apps, Adobe apps, web browsers, etc..) and computer & peripheral problems.

Support for email including quarantined emails, safe senders, applying sensitivity, and creating meetings.

Least privilege is intended to prevent “over-privileged access” by users, applications, or services and help reduce the risk of exploitation

Gannon University provides 12 local broadcast channels that are available over the air.

Help Desk Walk-In: Only used by the ITS Help Desk for when people walk in for assistance at our main location Palumbo 3000.

Internal Use Only.

Automate and simplify how customers schedule and manage appointments.

Grant, modify, or remove security access to an application, file, or web solution.