Classroom Technology Etiquette

Our classroom technology is shared by everyone on a daily basis.  Here are some best practices so that you are leaving the technology in good working order for the next class.

1. Log off, don’t shut the computer down.

There is no need to shut down the computer on the Dais.  Simply log off.  These computers go into a low power mode and maintenance such as Windows updates and Kaspersky scans can be done during this low power mode rather than during start up. 

2. Turn the projector off – hold for 3 seconds.

The projector should be powered off when not in use.  Bulbs are expensive and require downtime in order to replace.

3. Set the input on PC for the next class.

There are multiple inputs that can be used with the projector, the PC is the most common.

4. Laptop usage – get familiar with AirMedia OR get the right cable and test

  • If you are planning to use your laptop during class, make sure that you have the correct cable to connect to the Dais.  If you are not sure what cable you need, contact the Help Desk for assistance.
  • Connect to AirMedia and test the functionality.

5. New to the classroom technology

Allow adequate time (not 5 minutes before class!) to work out any technology plans prior to use. Our technicians can also be available to help you become familiar with the technology.  Contact the Help Desk to schedule an appointment.

Contact info 

Reporting problems - If you have issues with the technology in a classroom, use contact information provided below to report the issue. ITS is unable to address the issue if we are unaware. 

Department ITS Help Desk (Palumbo 3000)
Phone Number 814-871-7501
Support Link Submit a Ticket: Report a Problem in a Classroom, Lab, Event, or Conference Room


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