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Self-help FAQ for Faculty and Staff:

  • Turn on the projector by pressing the ON button on the Panel on top of the Dais. (For reference, photos of the control panels are included in the attached file.)
  • The projector will take several seconds and will blink when warming up. Wait until the projector light stops blinking before you select your input device (PC, DVD, VCR). To turn off the projector, press and hold the OFF button for 3 seconds.
  • To display the PC in the cabinet, verify that the computer is powered on and that the PC button is pressed and lit. To display the DVD or VCR, verify that the equipment is powered on. Insert your DVD or VCR tape and that the correct button is pressed and lit on the control panel. No remote is necessary as there is another panel on top of the dais to control the DVD or VCR playback. If the Dais does not have a DVD/VCR then use the PC's DVD drive to playback your DVD.
  • If a device is not projecting, have the user try the following. With the projector powered on and not blinking, have user change input to something else, wait a few seconds and then go back to the device that they want to use. Sometimes it is a timing issue between the projector and the input device.

For sound problems:

  • Verify that the sound is not mute on the computer. Go to the sound icon in your start tray. Left click and adjust.
  • Adjust the volume on the control panel, see attached document.
  • If in the tiered classroom, check that the Amplifier is not powered off.
  • in CBI and Comm arts the amplifiers in these rooms go to sleep,(power save) when the projector is off. The only way to hear audio is to turn on the projector, log into the PC, bring up some audio source and play it. While it is playing raising the volume knob on the control panel will wake the amp and send the audio through to the speakers. 

If this does not solve the problem for a class, call the Help Desk at 814-871-7501 (x7501) for immediate assistance.


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