Campus TV Information for Academic or Administrative Buildings


Campus TV channels offer 12 local broadcast channels that are available Over the Air. You will still need a coaxial cable from the wall to your TV to receive the Campus TV channels. Students/Faculty/Staff are responsible for having the necessary cables to hook up TVs.

  • These channels will include WICU-NBC, WJET-ABC, WSEE-CBS, WQLN-PBS, and WFXP-FOX, and their sub-channels. 
  • All locations currently receiving cable TV will receive the local channels at no charge to the department.
  • Specialized needs for a cable TV channel will be researched and accommodated if possible, but must be funded by the department and coordinated through the ITS Help Desk.
  • This change was made due to a combination of factors: a significant cost increase for cable TV and required budget reductions.

More Information

  • Personally ordering Cable TV (Spectrum, Velocity, etc.) or Satellite TV (DISH, DirectTV, etc.) is not permitted in any Gannon-owned buildings.  Contact the Help Desk to coordinate any specialized needs for cable TV channels in Academic or Administrative buildings.


Questions pertaining to Academic and Administrative buildings only:

  • What company provides external Cable TV service to Gannon?
    • Erie Campus and Ruskin Campus - Velocity Network is the only authorized provider that is allowed on campus, Spectrum is not an authorized provider.
  • Can all locations on campus receive Cable TV directly from Velocity Network (VNET)?
    • Not all buildings can be serviced directly from VNET without a large build-out to their cable network.  This build-out is usually cost prohibitive.
  • How much is a Cable TV outlet?
    • The cost for a standard package is $100 for installation and activation (one-time) plus $100 per month which includes 120 channels and a HD cable tuner. The cost will be increased if the channel you need is not part of the standard package. This monthly cost would be funded by the department.
  • Are there any other options besides VNET?
    • The only other option, depending on the channel or content, is streaming directly from the internet.  This option would need to be researched further for feasibility and all costs for the streaming service would be funded by the department.
  • Why do we have local broadcast channels only?
    • The cost to provide Cable TV to all buildings is cost prohibitive for the university.
  • What buildings are affected by this?
    • All Academic, Administrative, and Residence buildings.

Contact info 

All requests about these changes for a person living in a Residence Hall or Apartment Building should contact Residence Life.

Company Residence Life
Support Email
Other Contact 814-871-7564
Support URL [Fill-in or "Not Available"]



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