Unable to Sign into Gannon Email - Error: "Login Parameter is Empty or Not Valid"


While trying to sign into email through the web, users are getting an error similar to "Parameter Restrictions" or "Login Parameter is Empty or Not Valid".

Usually reports are from Mac users using Safari browser.


Do you save Gannon passwords? Are you on a MacBook using the Safari browser? Give the following troubleshooting steps below a try and contact the Help Desk if you are still running into problems.

Delete Saved Website Data from Safari:

  1.  Open Safari Preferences
  2. Navigate to the "Privacy" tab
  3. Select "Manage Website Data"
  4. Search for "Microsoft"
    • Delete anything it shows, such as microsoftonline.com
  5.  After deleting them, restart Safari and try again

Delete Passwords in Safari Preferences:

  1.  Open Safari Preferences
  2. Navigate to the "Password" tab
    • Depending on the security of your device you might have to enter your computer password to unlock the list
  3. Remove anything Gannon or Gannon email related
  4.  After deleting them, restart Safari and try again

Note: If that still doesn't work, you can try clicking Remove All in Safari Preferences > Privacy tab > Manage Website Data.

Delete Old Passwords from OSX's Keychain Access:

  1.  Open "Spotlight Search" (top-right menu bar magnifying glass beside your name)
  2.  Type in "Keychain"
    • Open "Keychain Access.App"
  3. Search "All Items" for "Gannon" and "Microsoft"
  4.  Delete any passwords that are found using those keywords
  5. Restart the MacBook

Note: You can also try using another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc..)


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Mon 4/27/20 3:09 PM
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