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A user must be granted permission to view any shared calendar in Exchange. Permission levels are set by the owner of the shared calendar, this usually the administrative assistant for a department.

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  • You can not share your Gannon calendar with anyone outside Gannon.


Set Permissions on a Shared Calendar in Outlook:

  1. Go to the "Calendar" view in Outlook.
  2. Click on "Share Calendar" from the ribbon.
  3. Address the email to the person that you want to share your calendar with.
    • By default it will only grant that person with read-only rights. If you would like to grant them rights to add, edit, and delete events on your calendar, check the box for “Recipient can add, edit, and delete items in this calendar”.
  4. Click "Send"
  5. When the recipient receives the calendar sharing invitation, they need to click on the “Open this Calendar” button in order to view that calendar and add it to their Shared Calendars.

Add a Shared Calendar in Outlook:

  1. Go to the "Calendar" view in Outlook.
  2. Click on "Open Calendar" > "From Address Book..."
  3. Select the Calendar owner or Department calendar and click the "Calendar ->" button.
  4. Click "OK"

Error Sharing Calendar​​​​​​​:

When sharing a Gannon calendar, users getting the error: "Policy does not allow granting permission at this level to one or more of the recipient(s). Please select another permission level and send the sharing invite again."

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to the "Calendar" view
  3. Click on "Share Calendar" from the ribbon.
    • If you have multiple emails accounts linked, select the "calendar" button under which one you would like to share
  4. Select "add" on the permission tab of the new window that popped up
    • Search for who you would like to give permission to
      • When searching for the individual, make sure that under the"address book" drop down menu "offline global address list" is selected instead of the "global address list"
  5. Select what level of permission you want them to have
  6. Select "OK"


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