Printer Operation: Security

Gannon's print server is physically stored on campus (not cloud).  As documents are printed to Print-N-Go they are stored on the print server and encrypted thus no one can see what has been printed.  As documents are released at the printer they are copied from the server to the printer hard drive for processing.  Note: documents not released within 24 hours will be deleted from the print server.  Once copied to the printer the documents are deleted from the server.  Furthermore printer hard drives are overwritten once per week to further enhance security.

To release a print job the document owner must enter their Gannon network ID-password or tap their Gannon ID card.  As such there is no way for users other than the document owner to see the print job or release print jobs that are not theirs.  This is done using the PaperCut Secure Printing feature which ties each print job to the document owner's Gannon Network ID, the Network ID in turn is tied to their Gannon ID Card.

The PaperCut Software is HIPAA Compliant and used prevalently in the Healthcare and Banking industries.


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