Distance Based Remote Instructional Solutions


Information for Faculty on steps to take to prepare yourself and your systems for distance-learning and remote teaching methods.


1.  Update your technology

  • Update your Internet browsers to the latest version.
  • Apply all Windows or Apple operating system updates. This will be especially helpful if you have to use a Webcam for remote instruction.

2.  Setup Your Course in Blackboard

  • Start posting your relevant course content, notes, materials, and assignments in Blackboard. You can attend Bb training scheduled in the CETL training calendar found in the http://my.gannon.edu portal or call 871-7177 to RSVP.
    Note: Focus on the pedagogy, not just the Bb platform: the attributes of a physical classroom don’t guarantee that a class is effective or engaging. The same goes for online platforms. Time spent now thinking about what to post will elicit the best academic performance from the students in the long run.
  • For each remote class session, post the following:
    • A folder for each class session titled with the session date
    • State the learning objectives
    • Post the reading assignment
    • Post other discovery materials like notes, YouTube videos, articles, or PowerPoints files
    • Create a class discussion activity that is graded
    • Create a drop box assignment that is graded
  • Direct your students to the course materials you have posted on Blackboard through e-mail and explain the materials that have been posted.

3.  Synchronous Instructional Strategies for When It’s Time

  • Students can connect with you on Teams by accessing you in the Outlook or Teams address book.  Web-conferencing can support efficient transition of classes from in-person to distance-based formats.  
  • Schedule a class meeting to interact with students off campus. Faculty members have a Teams account and can host class sessions there.


Developing contingency plans to enable remote teaching and learning in support of distance-learning and in response to situations where "work from home" is necessary.


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