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Gannon University networks, emails, websites, and applications, are all shared resources. To ensure that they are only utilized by members of Gannon Faculty, Staff, and Students, a login is required before these resources can be utilized. Your Gannon Network ID and password are your tickets to using any of these resources.

Initial/default passwordThe last four digits of your SSN/SEVIS ID followed by capital initials for your first and last name, then written a second time to reach the 12+ character requirements (example: 1234AB1234AB). Don't have a first name? Use the capital initial of your last name twice (example: 1234AA1234AA).

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Network Password Policy:

Gannon University passwords expire every 365 days. If you have not changed your password in the last 365 days, it will expire.

When you login, you provide two pieces of information: first, your Network ID/ Gannon email to identify your account, and second, your password, to confirm that you are the account's owner.

  • New Password Security Policy: 12 characters including spaces; no numbers, capitals or special characters required.
    • Use a passphrase; it is easier to remember - Example passphrases include: (Do not use the examples)
      • MyAlmaMater-Gannon
      • "Go Gannon Knights
  • Require the initial password to change at first login or whenever the password is reset by the Help Desk.
    • The initial/reset password: last 4 of SSN/SEVIS ID + capital Initials (example: 3425GD3425GD) 

Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess or associate to you. Ideally, include letters, numbers and special characters and upper and lower case.

If you need to change your password, click here to visit the Gannon account management information page.


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