Exemption from Local Administrative Rights Policy

The decision has been made to help secure the Gannon University systems by removing all users from the Local Administrators Group on Gannon Owned Computers.  This decision will not affect 90 percent of our users, this is due to most day to day operations not requiring administrative rights.  For those operations that do need require administrative rights we have a solution, it is called Make Me Admin (MMA).  Instructions for MMA are available here:

The ITS department understands that in some rare instances an employee may need to be exempt from this policy, these exemptions can range from IT related work, or to critical software that does not work without local administrative rights. These exemptions will be granted on a case by case basis. If you believe you require an exemption,  please fill out a Service Request and include in the ticket a detailed reason(s) why you are requesting an exemption. 


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